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Struggling with what to put on your CV

Struggling with what to put on your CV
11 Sep, 2017

Struggling with what to put on your CV

Are you wanting a new job? Trying to impress potential employees? Struggling with what to put on your CV?

Here at EM Recruiting, we have our top ten tips on how to improve your CV to give you the best possible chance at getting a new job!

  1. Include a personal profile – Speak about yourself, let your employer get to know you a little bit. This should be a quick summary of who you are as a professional. This is the first thing an employer will see on your CV so make sure it catches their eye.
  2. Ensure there are no errors – Check over your CV to make sure everything add ups, no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.
  3. Keep it up-to-date – Every time a significant incident occurs regarding your career, put it into the CV if it is relevant, it could be the one thing that makes an employer choose you. Whether it’s a certain task you have completed within a work place or somewhere you have previously worked, this could be the one thing that makes you stand out to other applicants.
  4. Make it look professional – Putting in effort and time to write your CV will show the employer that you are serious and would put the same effort into the job. Make it easy to read and not to wordy and technical.
  5. Include your skills – Write down what you can do, this will help the employer gain an insight to what level you are at and what you can do.
  6. Use a confident, professional and positive language – Write down the best bits about yourself in a professional manner, don’t be too over confident though!
  7. Keep it to the point – Talk about all things relevant to your current job and what you are looking for in the future. Include hobbies and interests so the employer can get to know a little bit about you.
  8. Be honest – Honesty is the best policy! Employers will take up references and do their research to make sure your everything matches up!
  9. Include statistics – Include figures and statistics, it looks good! It can also be evidence for your employer. State how many sales you made, or if you hit your targets, using numbers has a big impact on your CV.
  10. Sell yourself – The main part of your CV is to tell the employer why you would be good at the job, what you can do and relevant experience you have. If you only have a standard CV with nothing to make yourself stand out then why would an employer choose you? Be unique and give the employer something to think about.

Contact us today if you are struggling to conduct your CV! We are more than happy to help you, it’s our job!


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